Cha Cha Scraps 5

Here's my final card (that I have ready) using scraps from my Cha Cha collection by TAC. Still have a few scraps left though, so one or two more cards will do it - then Cha Cha will be gone! It feels good to be using stuff up!!!

The stamp set is called "Sunday Stroll" by TAC.

These Tri-Shutter cards really do use quite a few scraps, depending on how you embellish it.

Hope you enjoyed my posts today (yes, there are two). Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah said...

What a great idea to be using up scraps...I totally need to go through all my TAC paper sets and do this. I love this card!!!

Suzanne said...

I so love this card! I'm going to have to try that fold!

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