Do NOT read Joann's flyer while walking!

CAUTION: Do not read the Joann's flyer while walking down the sidewalk or this is what will happen:

Ok, 7 year old Aubrey and I walked down to the Post Office this morning to get the mail. It's only 2 blocks from our house, right? So on the way back, we were both looking at the Joann's sale flyer that we just received as we were walking (slowly I might ad!). I stepped on the edge of the sidewalk, my ankle twisted sideways, and down I went! Scraped my leg pretty good but that was it. I sat there for about 15 seconds wondering if I was going to be able to walk or not since my ankle was hurting. So Miss Aubrey says "well mom, are ya gonna get up? You can't just have a picnic there!" OMG it was funny! And yes, I got up, thank you very much, since we didn't BRING a picnic, LOL! Made it home just fine.

And why is it, when you show your "owie" to 8 year old boys, their hand goes right for it! I'm like excuse me! This is show-and-tell, NOT show-and-touch!

The good news is - there's a 40% off coupon on the back of the flyer which will still be good when the brand new Joann's opens nearby on Aug. 7th. WOOHOO!


The pain in my ankle worked it's way out by the time we got home.

So it's all good!


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