Exciting news - the new magalogue is here!

I received my copy of The Angel Company's magalogue today! It's a cross between a catalogue and a magazine. Check out the cover:

I absolutely LOVE this! There are 48 pages of new stamps (with FULL size images, yay!), accessories, tips, and four idea cards. I also love that TAC has listed all of the supplies used right beside every sample - VERY convenient! I absolutely love my "maggie" and have a list of stamps that I NEED! heehee

The Fall/Winter '08 catalogue, the Fall Supplement, and this Spring/Summer '09 Magalogue are all "current" until the end of June when the next Big Book catty comes out! So we have LOTS of choices right now! And you just never know that monthly specials TAC is going to come up with - they are so much fun! Hopefully I'll be posting February's soon!

So anyway, the new Magalogue sells for $2.95 (plus minimal shipping if needed. these can be mailed in a large envie so should be economical to mail!) and I'm expecting my supply sometime middle of next week! (Lesley, yours will be on it's way ASAP!) Let me know if you'd like to have your very own copy!

Well, I must go for now, Tootles!


Tonya said...

OH! I can't wait to get mine!!!

Tonya said...

Please stop by my blog and pick up your awards. http://tuesdaysattonyas.blogspot.com Have a blessed Sunday.

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