Naughty or Nice List

(This is a re-run post that got deleted. So here we go again!)

Well it's kind of late to be posting this as a Christmas project, but maybe you can get an idea for next year, LOL!

This is a purse-sized Christmas planner, of sorts. It's basically a way to keep your gift purchases organized.

Pretty plain and simple on the front but if I were to carry this in my purse, I wouldn't want any delicate embellishments on it. The sentiment is computer-generated.

I used two 4" coasters and assembled it with my Bind-it-All.

I created the template in Excel based on what *I* wanted to keep track of if/when I use this. (For now, I'm still using my manilla file folder Christmas Planner though!)

This little book has a place to write the person's name at the top. Then below, you add the item(s) you buy for them as well as how much money you spent. There is also a column to check off when that item has been wrapped. I added that column because I have things stashed here and there throughout the house and I'm always afraid I'm going to forget a gift somewhere along the way!

I put a lot of pages in this book so I can use it several years hopefully. It helps to refer back to previous years to see what we gave to people.

This is probably my last post until after Christmas so I want to wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! May you have a safe and happy holiday. I hope that we all take a moment to pause and remember the true reason for the season - the birth of Christ. God bless you!


Anna said...

cute, clever idea! Will have to make one of these next year.

Bridgett said...

Great project! Love it!

PawsN2Stamp said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Vicki!!!

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