My Pocket Card Tutorial

I designed this pocket card today and while I was making it I took pictures. I knew if it turned out nice, I would want to share it with you as soon as possible! I'm happy with the results and hope you like it too.

The first thing I want to mention is this - I feel like this card needs a name other than just "pocket card". Any suggestions? Leave me a comment here with a name and I'll choose one and let you all know what it is.

Wait no more, here's the tutorial:

by Vicki Hook

All supplies can be purchased through The Angel Company unless otherwise noted.

7" x 7" square of DCWV Neutrals cardstock (item #V-73)
2 3/4" x 2 3/4" square of Hemingway cardstock, cut in half diagonally (item #V-836)
2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square of Hemingway cardstock, cut in half diagonally (item #V-836)
Scalloped circle: Hemingway, Giga Scalloped Circle Punch (item #D-701)
Regular circle: Hemingway, Coluzzle cutting knife (item #A-84012), Coluzzle cutting mat (item #A-84014), and Coluzzle Nested Circle template (item #A-84001)
Kid Praises stamp set (item #T-2686)
Gingerbread Versamagic ink (item #S-962)
Crop-a-Dile (item #K-100)
your choice of adhesive
your choice of brad or eyelet


1. Score and fold the 7" square in half diagonally.
2. Fold the top layer back toward you so the point is even with the fold line at the bottom.

3. Turn it over. On the fold line, make a light pencil mark at 2 7/8" from each point/end. This should leave a section in the middle that is approximately 4 1/8" wide. (Doesn't have to be exact but just make sure the middle section is no wider than 4 1/4" if you want to put it in an A2 envelope.) Now turn your card back over and fold each side forward, using those pencil marks as guidelines of where to fold. The folded sections will overlap each other in front. This card is somewhat bulky so be sure to crease your folds really well.

4. The two triangles you have from cutting your 2 1/2" square in half diagonally will be adhered to the front overlapping triangle sections.
5. The two triangles from the 2 3/4" square will be adhered to the piece you folded down in step 1 and also at the upper point on the base of the card.
6. Using a Crop-a-Dile, punch a hole through ALL layers and fasten with a brad or eyelet to hold the card all together.

7. Punch a circle out of another piece of Hemingway cardstock with the Giga Scalloped Circle Punch. Ink the edge of it.
8. With the Coluzzle cutting system, cut a circle out of a light shaded piece of Hemingway cardstock. Use the "4th from center" cutting line on the Nested Circle template. This will create a circle that is about 2 3/8" in diameter. Ink the edge of it.
10. Stamp and color your image on the smaller circle. Then adhere them together to create an insert for your pocket.

For more information about how I came up with this card, and to also see another example, go to this post: My Pocket Card.

I hope this inspires you in some way. If you choose to try this project, be sure to leave me a comment here with a link! I'd love to see what you came up with!



pescbrico said...

I would think about envie card.. since it's look like an open envelop!

Stacy said...

Hmmm... no name suggestions here but I love the new twist! Thanks for sharing & inspiring me to create some too :)

Tami Bayer said...

This is such a great looking card. I think it looks like an envelope card, too.

Anonymous said...

How about Surprise Pocket Card?
Mary Puskar

June E said...

It looks very much like the Criss Cross card. Just in a smaller form

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful little pocket.. l think l'd call it a sunshine of hope. Well thats what this says to me. or a pocket filled with love.

~Stacy said...

that is very cool vicki!

Pam Speidel said...

You ROCK Vicki! This is an awesome tutorial and I'm so glad that I've found your blog. Love the name "pockalope"! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi TFS your pattern.I had some fun with it. Here is my link
Heather/ Keltie

Katie said...

Hi Vickie,
I ran across your blog as well and used your card in a card class. Here is the link to my blog where I have pictures. Thanks for the inspiration.

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