Be a Princess

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine at church asked if I could make some "princess" invitations for her daughter's 4th birthday party. So I got right on it.....

She wanted them shaped like a crown using pink and dark pink. So I designed the crown shape and made a template out of thick cardstock that I could easily trace around. I printed the party info on the computer in dark pink ink on white cardstock. It begins with "Hear ye, Hear ye....your presence is requested...". Cute, huh?! It's on the back of the invitation.

The "be a princess" sentiment is from TAC's set, Tag Tidbits. That is probably my most used stamp set! You get 36 small sentiments perfect for a 1" circle.

These pics were taken in my living room since I was using a card table to assemble the invites, so the lighting is terrible. But here are all 25 of them.

This was my original proto-type that I showed her (just the crown portion). It's funny how things work - I already had this made before I got her email showing me the party supplies she ordered online which had little circles at the top of the crown. I also didn't know what colors she wanted yet. So eventually, I just stuck this one on a card base and wa-la! Instant card!

So hey, have a great day and BE A PRINCESS! (unless you are a male of course, LOL! I don't know, do I have any male readers? Holla back if you're out there.)



pescbrico said...

They are really cool ! :)

Bridgett said...

Beautiful princess cards!

Sonia said...

Pretty Card Invitation!!! Love it!


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