Here's a Hug

My daughter LOVES this card because she thinks this stamp is a picture of her! How cute! It's from a set called "Kid Praises" from The Angel Company.

I used another one of Heather's sketches found HERE.

I used the Penelope Soar With It Collection from The Angel Company (love the rich regal colors of this paper set!) and colored the image with watercolor pencils and a Dove blender.

Thank you so much for stopping by, as always! Make it a great day, Tootles!


Photo Gal Jan said...

How sweet that your daughter thinks the stamp is her! What a cutie!

Angel Hugs,

Chelsea said...

cute card Vicki ... I love that set!

Anonymous said...

I love your last 5 posts! Well, those were the ones I haven't seen yet and I loved them all. But I need to admit I needed to check the date for the Santa's card. lol. Thanks for sharing the pic of your daughter. It does really is nice to actually see other people's family. lol. I didn't thought your girl was that nice. Actually, I didn't knew you had a girl, even if you had mentioned her before. lol.

Patti J said...

Cute card! And girl... I've been to your other blog, and I am amazed! Wow! My little bitty remodel job that I made myself crazy over pales in comparison! If I had a "you go girl" award, it would go to you! Keep up the good work, and I will be watching for more photo's!

Just a note - I had a 'snow' (ice) day today, so was home crafting all day. I actually updated my blog, so when you get a minute, drop by and let me know what you think of the new look. I'm determined to do better at posting!

Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

This image is absolutely adorable! I love her!

Bridgett said...

What a great card. I have this stamp set and am always looking for other cards made with it for more inspiration. I think it's sweet that your little girl thinks it's a picture of her. How fun!

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