Some "toot toot" links!

This is kind of a "Toot Toot" post, as in tooting my own horn, but I really do want to share a couple of links with you. Not only do I have a project featured on these two sites, but there are some other GREAT ideas there for you to see! Check them out:

First one is the Scor-Pal website. Their Christmas projects e-zine went live on December 1st. My project is #11, the Origami Box. Here's a picture to tease you:
But there are 12 awesome projects there all together. Click HERE to see them!

The other site I want to share with you is Tip Junkie. Have you ever seen this site - it's pretty darn cool! Anyway, they have a post on gift-card holders with pictures and links to several different variations. Mine just happens to be one of them, WOO HOO! Click HERE to see that post.

Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by! Tootles!


"Jany" said...

YAY FOR YOU! I'm so happy you've been featured!

Thanks for both links! They're both great! I love your latest creations and I can't believe that I went to the scorpal link and looked at the projects but didn't recognized yours. Actually, I didn't read any because I was in kind of a hurry.

Great countdown too! It is just perfect not only for Christmas but for birthday's too! :D

nic_d said...

Way to go, Vicki! What a fun creation!

MaryNSC said...

ooo I got to try this..BEAUTIFUL!!

Bridgett said...

Good for you! I love the origami box and saved the tutorial so I can hopefully try to make one at some point! LOL Yours is absolutely beautiful! I love your gift card holder and thank you for sharing the link. I hadn't been there before but you are right, it's an awesome site and I am hoping to check it out a little before I have to get off the computer.

Joani said...

OMGoodness! I was over at scor-pal and noticed this box! It's awesome!!! I so have to try it, but it does look a little intimidating.
Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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