Frankenstein Treat Boxes

I am the room parent for my son's 3rd grade class this year. For their "Fall Frolic" party on Halloween, I made these treat bags to put their goodies in.

Frankenstein is popping up all over the web on stampers' blogs but here is my version. The one on the right was my first attempt. But I didn't care for it so much, so I tried again and came up with the one on the left.



Green cardstock:
6 1/2” x 11” piece
1” circle, cut in half to make 2 half circles
small oval (I used smallest oval on Coluzzle Nested Oval Template)

Black cardstock:
1 1/2” x 11 1/2” piece
(2) 5/8” circles (I used smallest circle on Coluzzle Companion
Circles Template)

White cardstock:
(2) 1” circles

Green ink (I used Palette Jardin Moss)
Black marker
White gel pen
Straight and Wavy Scissors


1. Score large piece of green cardstock at 1 1/2” and 5”. (See red lines in diagram)

2. Turn cardstock 1/4 turn and score at 4 1/2” and 6 1/2”. (See blue lines in diagram) Cut on each of the blue score lines from the edge of the cardstock in to the red score lines. (See black lines in diagram) The cut sections will be the side flaps.

3. Fold the flaps up first, then the sides will overlap covering the flap. Adhere flap and sides together.

4. Using wavy scissors, cut along one side of the black cardstock strip. Adhere around the top of the box for Frankenstein’s “hair”.

5. Sponge green ink around the green oval and two green half circles.

6. Adhere oval in center, followed by two white circles, two black circles, then two green half circles. (See my sample)

7. With the black marker, draw a mouth and scar lines.

8. With the white gel pen, make small mark on the black “eye” circles as shown.

As always, thanks for stopping by today! Hope the rest of your day is wonderful!


Anita said...

Cute box. Thanks for sharing how you made it.

Sarah said...

Great treat bag!! The kids will love it!

Sarah G.

Suzanne said...

wow! You are supremely creative!

Anonymous said...

Such a nice box. When I am honest, I like the right one even a tiny bit better 'lol' The fringe and the red in its eyes are wonderful!


Anita said...

What a lucky group of kids. Your Frankie box is so cute. TFS!

MaryNSC said...

These are so GOOD They make U HAPPY!

Tracey said...

These are adorable - thanks for sharing XXX

Bridgett said...

I love the box!!! I will need to remember it for next year! I love my Scor-Pal and I am so glad you show so many awesome projects to make with it!

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