Monday Mania Challenge #5

This week's Monday Mania Challenge is.................piercing!

NO, not body piercings, LOL! I'm challenging you to use the paper piercing technique on a card. Here's a simple sample:

Here's the how-to:
Open your card so you're just piercing through the front and not the back too. You need a soft-like surface underneath your card front, like an old mouse pad. Using a "piercing tool" (a sharp needle will do in a pinch), simply punch tiny holes in your card. I think the most popular design is punching a line around a mat layer for a "frame" effect. Piercing can be as simple as a few holes in a corner, or as extravagant as a detailed design made of tiny holes. The possibilities are endless!

Whenever I do paper piercing, I use plastic needlepoint canvas as a guide. Lay it over your card front, and decide what row of squares you want to use. Be sure all the holes are pierced in the same area of each square - like the top right corner. That way, your row will be evenly spaced and straight.

On my sample card, I also pierced some accent holes along the embossed border at the bottom.

I was going to show you a couple more samples but my internet is sooooo slow today and I can't get them to load. Sorry!

So go ahead - make a card with some kind of piercing on it and leave me a comment with a link here so I can see! Hope you can play along!



Sarah said...

Very cute card! I love paper piercing and you did a great job on this.

Sarah G.

"Jany" said...

I've been doing this technique a while and I've been enjoying it quite a lot. Hope many try it. The best way is with canvas. I've bought it in Walmart (in the craft section) and it comes in shapes. I have a star, a heart, a circle and just bought a big piece of canvas to be able to do a whole card!

Anonymous said...

That monkey is so cute! Thank you so much for always inspiring me when I visit here! I've tagged you on my blog so be sure to pick up your award!


KellyRae said...

Darling card Vicki. I love paper piercing, it adds just enough oomph to change a card for ohh to ohh-la-la!

Dawn said...

So cute! Love the little monkey.

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