There are a few versions of "tag" still going around. I've been tagged several times but keep procrastinating with my posting! I'm so sorry ladies!

Here's the version I'm going to do. It's simply answer these questions:

Ten years ago: Hubby and I had just purchased a house to remodel. Ten years ago this month actually! Funny to think about it because just last November we purchased another house to remodel, LOL! The new one is much more of a major overhaul though!

Five things in todays 'to do list':
Quarter Store
Take B&A to swim camp

Snacks I enjoy:
Fresh soft Twizzlers (Hubby brought me some from Menards this evening, LOL!)
100 Grand candy bars
Sun Chips

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:
Share with family
Get out of debt
Donate to our church so we can get our new building going!

Places I have lived:
Martinsville, IL
Paris, IL
Martinsville again
(yeah, I don't get out much, LOL!)

Again, thanks for all the "tags"! If I start naming names, I'm afraid I'll forget someone and feel really bad about that! But I know there was Barb L., Heather, and Bridgett. If I forgot you, leave me a comment and I'll edit this post to add your link!

Also, I have no idea who to tag that hasn't already had to do it. And some people don't like to play. So I won't choose anyone for NOW. ;o)

Thanks for stopping by, as always! Tootles!


Jennifer E. said...

Hi Vicki, I'm just getting caught up on blog posts I missed this week. You can "tag" me...I haven't played yet!

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