My 3 faves

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Ok, a couple of you asked what MY three favorite stamping tools/embellishments are. Well, I had to think about this but here's what I came up with for now:

Janome Sew Mini (LOVE sewing on my cards!)
Scrapper's Floss

Now, if you ask me this same question a month from now, my answers could very well be different. Isn't that how you are too?!

Several of you said Copic markers. I only own two of these (one was given to me, and I bought the other for a skin-tone choice). I'm trying to avoid the whole Copic bandwagon because of the expense and then I probably wouldn't know how to use them properly and there they would sit. Unloved. ALL that money. So (fingers in ears) "la la la, I can't hear you, la la la" LOL!!! Seriously though, I LOVE what everyone does with them, but I'm very intimidated by the technique AND the cost! So I will keep admiring what YOU can do with them! Sorry....just had to get that off my back to your regularly scheduled programming. ;o)

I have really, truly enjoyed reading all of your comments on my two giveaways! My readers are the best!

Thank you!

Enjoy your week!

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Suzi said...

I sooooo totally agree w/you on the copics!!! What other "arty" types can do w/them amazes me but, I KNOW my ability; I can not do that!! Wish I could!

Bridgett said...

So fun to hear your favorites! It would be fun to have you share your "new" faves from time to time!! Love all you do!
Angel Hugs,

sandra said...

I can agree with you more!
That is why I use crayola's washable markers.
You can buy them in almost every store and they are cheep.
And they color perfect!
You can check on my blog!

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