2009 Christmas Cards

I'm still working on building up my Christmas card stash so I'll be all ready in December. I made 3 last week, but I also have 4 that I made a couple months ago but don't think I ever posted them here. I only looked back on 2 pages of posts though so sorry if this is a repeat. I'll show you those 4 first and save the other 3 (what I think are the best ones) for another post. (yes, I'm such a tease, lol!)

For these cards, I tried using a "non-Christmas" stamp set to make Christmas cards. I chose the TAC stamp sets Always Remember and Swirly Gigs. I think it works!

I was going to try to make 3-4 Christmas cards each month until November but I'm behind. I only have 13 done and the year is half over! Can you believe Christmas is 6 months from TODAY?!


Chelsea said...

These are great Vicki!!!

and ... Congrats!!! You are in the new TAC catty!

Unknown said...

I really like your take on these cards! Original! Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Love your Christmas cards! rita w

Bridgett Owens said...

Your blog is awesome! I love it!!! It looks great!!!!

The pig nose comment cracked me up! I didn't see it until you pointed that out! LOL It's a great card and I love the sentiment! I can hardly wait to see the other manly cards you've made!


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