A taste of mojo....

Hi there! Long time - no "see"!

Well, we got moved into our beautiful new home (you can see before and after pics at my other blog), we're 99% unpacked, but we're still busy as ever. I have one kid in soccer, two in baseball, and a larger house to keep clean (I made a cleaning schedule, how OCD is that, lol! We'll see if I stick to it though.) My biggest problem is I have had NO stamping mojo whatsoever! Not even a desire! And it was kind of depressing since I now have an actual stamping area. But no, I didn't even want to use it!

Yesterday I printed a bunch of card sketches I found online as that's what usually inspires me. After a soccer game and baseball practice last night, I made it to our Croppers group at church about an hour late but I was determined to make a card I was actually happy with! However.....after about a half hour or so, the power went out and everything was pitch black all over town. Thank goodness I live across the street - went home and got some flashlights so we could pack up and the ladies could all get home before the storms hit. So then this morning, the kids' baseball games were cancelled and guess what that meant? I was able to finish my card I'd started! AND...I made a second one! WOOHOO!!!

So anyway, I know I'm not usually long-winded on here. Just wanted to fill you in on where I've been. I hope to at least make one card per week but we'll see. I just simply don't have the time or desire like I used to. I loved doing tutorials a lot too, but I have no new ones planned at this moment.

I will shut up now and show you a couple things. First, my new stamping area:

And here's one of the cards I made today:

The patterned cardstock is by the Paper Studio (from Hobby Lobby) and the stamp set is "Fishy Friends" by TAC. I used Heather's sketch, found HERE.

I won't be posting as regularly as I used to (I'm choosing not to put that much pressure on myself and also rearrange my priorities) but I WILL show you my other card tomorrow!

Make it a wonderful day!

(And by the way - please pray that we sell our other house SOON! Thank you!)


Jennifer Carter said...

I love, love, love the color of your room!! It looks so inviting! Your area looks awesome!

Your card is so cute!!

Bridgett said...

First of all, I am so excited to see you again here! YAY!!! I love, love, love your blog, your creations, YOU!!!! LOL

Secondly, I am so happy that you are moved in and getting settled! I am still praying that God allows your other house to sell very quickly for you all!

With lots of sports, crazy-busy schedules, moving in and out and all that you have been keeping up with lately, it's no wonder you have lost your mojo!!! However, you have a fabulous new room to create in and I am sure it will come back out from hiding and you can play again real soon!

I love, love, love this card! It's super cute! I know you said no new tutorials in the works but I am looking forward to when you post another. I love all of your tutorials. They are so fabulous!


Chelsea said...

I love your new stamping space and looks sooo clean!!! You card is wonderful ... hope the mojo comes back very soon!!!

Barb said...

Love this card, Vicki! And I wish my stamping area looked that organized!

Stacy said...

Great card Vicki! Love the new stamping space, your table top is beautiful! :)

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