Friendship Box

I'm so excited about this Friendship Box (also known as a Fantasy Box or a Stepper Box). It was a lot of fun to make! Jany challenged the TAC demos over at Paper Wings to make one of these so here is mine:

All supplies are from The Angel Company:
Penelope Soar With It Collection and Cardstock
Penelope Ribbon
Sydney Circle Album Kit
Dear Friend stamp set
Palette Burnt Umber ink
watercolor pencils
Dove Blender
DCWV Neutrals cardstock (the little boxes)

I haven't really decided what I'll use it for or if I'll give it to someone as a gift. We were brainstorming ideas on Paper Wings.
for little girls: hair barrettes or clips, makeup/nail polishes, candy
for little boys: toys (my son's Byakugan would fit in here I think), gameboy games, candy
for crafters: embellishments like eyelets, brads, blossoms, tags, ink spots, candy (heehee)
general: first aid supplies, staples, paper clips, rubber bands, dollar bills
(It would also make a great teacher's gift with various little supplies like this!)

Well, that's it for today - enjoy your weekend! Tootles!


Patti J said...

Vicky - you are da bomb girl! I've seen this tutorial, and have thought I would try it, but I keep chickening out!!! This is awesome! Kudo's to you - Happy Saturday!

Francien said...

Wauw what a lovely box!!!....great colors and beautyful papers used...what a lovely gift it will be...thanks for the suggestions what to put in there...
Greetings Francien.

Chelsea said...

This is a gorgeous box Vicki!!! I love it!

patricia45 said...

what a wonderful box! I've got to try it!thanks for the link to the tutorial!

Suzanne said...

Cute! Personally, I'd send it to TAC for the box it up contest.

Shazza said...

this is just stunning Vicki

Trina Leeson said...

I love this!, Great work, hmmmmm the possibilities are flowing now *hee hee* Where can I find the tutorial for this? Please :)

Bridgett said...

So pretty! I love it!!!

Xerox C2424 ink said...

Hey Gurrrrrrl!
Sounds great that you know all about your stuff! Its intriguing when you speak to someone who knows what they speak about, as oppose to reciting it from someone else they learned from. I can see you are very experienced and with your credentials it is quite obvious that you will make it far in life, or have already made it far in life :)

"Jany" said...

I love your box! Wasn't it a LOT of fun! Hope you're able to fill it and give as a gift. I'm sure the recipient will love it!

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