Ribbon Weaving

I'm filling in for Jany this week for her Project Challenge over at Paper Wings, a site for TAC angels. We're going to be doing some ribbon weaving!

3" x 3" sturdy cardstock (I used watercolor paper, mine is fairly thick)
several pieces of 4" x 4" ribbon (number of pieces depends on the width of your ribbon)
Glue or double-sided tape


You want enough ribbon (again, depends on the width of your ribbon for how many pieces you will need) to fill the 3" wide of your cardstock. I left a tiny gap in between each of my pieces.

Begin by adhering one end of ribbons along one edge of the cardstock. This will be the back side.

Now, adhere one end of ribbons along another edge of the cardstock.

Turn the cardtsock over to the front and begin weaving. I started on the right side and worked my way to the left, I don't know why, LOL! I adhered the other end of the white ribbon to the back of the cardstock before going on to the next piece. Notice how it goes under/over/under/over/under the orange ribbons.

Next is the red ribbon, going over/under/over/under/over the orange ribbons. Adhere the other end to the back of the cardstock.

Work your way to the other side, weaving all pieces of ribbon. Now pull the other ribbons snug (the orange ones in my sample) and adhere the other ends of them to the back of the cardstock.

This is what the back will look like.

And here's the front.

Apply it to a card or other project and embellish as desired! I used the Cha Cha Soar with It Collection paper, cardstock, and ribbon, Always Remember stamp set, Palette L'Amore Red ink, and a Bitty Blossom - all from The Angel Company.

I'll show you some more samples in a couple days. In the mean time, I have something really cool to show you tomorrow. You won't want to miss it! Tootles!

If you make one of these using my tutorial, be sure to leave your direct link - I'd LOVE to see it!


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very cool!

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I remember weaving paper in art class...I had never thought of weaving ribbon and putting it on the card. You always have the best ideas!

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