A post about Pumpkin.....

POOP! Yes that's right - pumpkin poop.

At my last hostess club, we made a "fall" themed card. I also made some other fall-related samples to show my ladies and this is one of them.

I recycled a Frappaccino bottle for this simple project. The notecard is tucked behind the bottle but not attached (scroll down for the poem). I love candy corn! Especially mixed with salted peanuts!

Here's the poem:

I started to carve a pumpkin
With my carving knife and scoop.
But the pumpkin got so scared
He took a little poop!
It looked so cute and funny
Just like a candy treat
So I’m sharing it with you
Because you are so sweet!

I'll show you another "Fall" project tomorrow so be sure to check it out!



Jen said...

Pumpkin Poop is SOOO cute! I've never seen this version before - SO adorable!!!! =)

Shazza said...

aaww this is cute Vicki

Dianette Seda said...

This entry is really funny. I never thought of calling those like you did.

Anonymous said...

love this idea, i think i am going to use it for teacher fall gifts..very cute, thanks again vicki...

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