Cuttlebug Embossing Border Tutorial

I LOVE the embossing borders that Cuttlebug has came out with! But I found that if I use the borders the same way I would use a full sized embossing folder (A2 size), they leave marks on my cardstock. This is true particularly with textured cardstock like Bazzill (my favorite!). If you wrap the embossing border folder around the cardstock and place it between the two "B" plates with the "A" plate on the bottom, you sometimes get this:

You can kind of see where the textured part was flattened out in some spots and there's a line where the edge of the border is. Now some cardstocks work fine and some don't.

HOWEVER, if this DOES happen to me, I just use my Scor-pal to make a line down the edge of the border area. Kind of separates that section so it looks like it's supposed to be different.

You know the packaging that Cuttlebug folders some in? Well I took the back "chipboard" piece and cut it in to 1" strips. I then adhered 7 strips together in a stack as shown. I started out with 4 or 5 and experimented until I had the right thickness for my Cuttlebug. If you're using glue, don't use too much or it will squish out the sides when you run it through your Cuttlebug! You'd need to experiment too - start out with less layers and add one layer at a time until it embosses the way you want it to without leaving the flattened area and line. It depends on how tight your Cuttlebug is and what thickness of cardstock you generally use. Read on to find out how to use your stack.

Here's what I do different with the borders: I wrap the border folder around the cardstock and place it directly on the "A" plate. I don't use a "B" plate yet.

Now place the 1" wide chipboard stack directly over the embossing border folder.

Place a "B" plate on top of that. Yes, my "B" plate is well LOVED! Now sometimes my border folder slips a bit and I have to readjust to make sure it stays where I want it before I roll my stack through the Cuttlebug.

Here is the result from using this method. You can't see where the edge of the border folder was and there's no flattening of the textured cardstock. I like this nice crisp clean look better! And it's so simple!

Hope you have a great day! Tootles!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Guess what...I just got a Cuttlebug!!!! I'm having soooo much fun with it. I'm borrowing some embossing folder from a friend right now. I'm hoping to buy some of my own soon.

Hey, I tagged you over at my blog...

Sarah G.

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic tips!! I will be using both of them!!

rita w

Anonymous said...

thankas so much ,it woerked perfect with 7.

pinkpoppy said...

Many thanks for sharing your clear instructions!

Betty Wright aka gbedwright said...

Vicki, this is a wonderful tutorial!!!! I will definitely try it!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!

bsgstamps4fun said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I recently bought some border folders but haven't used them yet, so your technique will come in handy.
Thanks for sharing!

Sandra Smart said...

Oh, cannot thank you enough for posting this! I just bought the embossing folders and was so frustrated about that edge showing!
Will definitely try your tip!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Oh how brilliant! I'll get a lot more use out of those folders. Hope it's ok if I link you up? Thanks for the great tips. You ROCK! :O)

Clear Card said...

Thanks for the posting and present your work at your blog. I think this post is really nice and this technique will be more helpful for me.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this tip not sure what a score pal is !! but maybe it is what we call embossing tool or a bone folder . Thanks again kathie

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