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This is my first tutorial on this blog. I posted this project a couple weeks ago - Easy-Fold Gift Box and here are the directions. Hope you get some inspiration from it!

By Vicki Hook

Lid: 8” x 8” cardstock or paper
(or any size square) *see tip below
Bottom: 7 7/8” x 7 7/8” cardstock or paper
(same size as lid minus 1/8” on two sides)
Embellishments such as stamps and ink to decorate
plain cardstock or paper, ribbon to tie around the box, etc.

1. Fold square in half diagonally.

2. Open up and fold the other way diagonally. The fold lines should form an “X”. Make a pencil dot in the center where the lines cross.

3. Fold one corner up to the center dot.

4. Fold that section up again, lining the top up with the center dot / fold line.

5. Repeat step 4 with all four corners.

6. On one corner, make two cuts on each side of the corner triangle going up past two squares and stop.

7. Repeat step 6 with the corner diagonally across from the first cut marks.

8. Now turn your cardstock so that your cut marks are horizontal. Fold the top and bottom corners in to the center dot.

9. Each folded triangle should have a “flap” on each side from the cut marks made earlier. Fold each triangle again so that half of it stands up forming one side of the box. Bring the flaps together to overlap in the middle.

10. Now bring one of the remaining corners up and over the overlapped flaps, creasing well. Repeat with the other remaining corner. If creased well enough, it will stay together without any glue or adhesive.

11. Repeat the entire process with your other piece of square cardstock or paper.

TIP: If you are wanting to end up with a certain size box, for example 4” wide, multiply it by 3 and that will be the approximate size of cardstock or paper that you need to start with. Round it up if necessary. So, 4” x 3 =12. You would use a 12” square


Jovita said...

Great tutorial ~ Jovi

Bugga in OK said...

Love your tutorial. Especially the measurements to make larger boxes. Now to make one......

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