Christmas Planner

Here's a project I made using a scrapbook page kit by Colorbok from Walmart. It's a Christmas planner!

I made a different Christmas Planner a couple years ago by altering a file folder. I still have that one, but I don't use it as much as I thought I would. Maybe I will use this new one:

All of the patterned paper and embellishments came with the Colorbok page kit. The sparkly solid red and green papers are also by Colorbok. The red Bracket Shape Covers and owires are both by Bind-it-all. The white clips, ribbon and envelope are from my own supplies.

This picture shows the dimension of some of the scrapbook page elements that come in this kit. They are pre-assembled and self-stick. Doesn't get much easier than that!

For the inside, I wanted to keep it simple and only include things that I personally would use. So this is what I came up with:

First, an envelope to hold store receipts. I like to keep my shopping receipts all together in case anything needs returned or exchanged after Christmas.

I covered the front and the flap with some patterned paper from the Colorbok page kit. The punchouts also came with the kit.

Next, I included a gift list. It's attached to the page by a little clip so it can be changed out each year for a new list. I created the lists in a spreadsheet on my computer.

My lists have a space for the person's name, gift(s) purchased for them, the price (I usually try to spend approximately the same amount on people), and a column to check off once it's been wrapped. I've been known to buy presents, hide them, then forget all about them. So the "wrapped" column will help me keep track hopefully! Some of my list pages have a lot more lines for each person than the one shown here on the front.

This picture shows how the lists can be removed so new ones can be added later.

And here we have the Christmas Card lists. I can write down who I've received cards from and who I've sent them too as well.

Here's the back of the planner.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed looking at my Christmas project! It's made me realize I really need to get started on some Christmas cards!

Enjoy your week, Tootles!


Patti said...

This is awesome! I love the colors and dimension and it's so festive!!!

Rita W said...

Great planner!

cynthia said...

Another great holiday planner, Vicki--so we've showcased it on

I love letting people know that using a kit can shortcut the process--and still be creative!

Good job.

Cynthia Ewer, Editor

Robyn said...

Thanks for some great ideas for decor and organizing the Christmas Planner. I can't wait to get started on mine!

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